About Omaps

What is Omaps?

Omaps is online software developed and maintained by the Swedish Orienteering Federation. It is used by Orienteering Australia to store basic information about orienteering maps their locations.

Anyone who has an Eventor account can create a map record in Omaps. The individual loading the map can define who (individual and/or organisations) has access to view or edit the map and which external services can access it.

Any copyright on maps remains with the map owner as defined in Omaps.

Why Omaps?

There are several reasons why Omaps has been adopted by Orienteering Australia;

  • To create a comprehensive overview of orienteering maps within Australia
  • To make maps more accessible to the public and within orienteering organisations (as determined by the map owner)
  • To allow maps to be accessed by external applications such as Livelox and Eventor (via an API)
  • Utilises login and permissions from Eventor

How to load maps

Learn more about how to place your club's maps in Omaps through the link below.

Posting Maps in Omaps: An Overview (please use Google translate)

Support and development requests

Email omaps at orienteering dot asn dot au.